Alicante or Alacant (Valencian: Alacant, Spanish: Alicante) is a Spanish city in the Valencian Community’s southern region. It is the seat of the province of the same name. It was an important economic and commercial center during the Middle Ages and Renaissance and is one of Spain’s most historic ports on the Mediterranean. It now has a population of 331 750 people. Tourism is the major source of revenue, although there is also substantial wine production, light food manufacturing, and transit trade. The Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market is also based in Alicante (OHIM), a European Community organization that registers Community trade marks and Community industrial designs.

From 718 to 1304, the city was inhabited by Arabs. During the civil war (1936-1939), on May 25, 1938, Alicante was the first city to be systematically bombarded by Francisco Franco’s forces, resulting in 250 deaths and over 1000 injuries.

The city of Alicante is 10 kilometers from Alicante airport. Tourists make up the majority of the passenger flow, as they are located near the Costa Blanca resorts. It is ranked 5th in Spain in terms of significance and workload.
The major airlines EasyJet and Ryanair use Alicante Airport as a hub. Every day, these airlines’ flights are transferred to other airports that specialize in flights across the country. Because of the huge number of passengers on board,